In our wide range of products there is a choice for all ages, and it is perfect for all those who follow the global trend of using natural products.

APIMELL DR.BACHEFF is a Macedonian pharmaceutical company specialized in producing all natural products made of propolis and ethereal oils. Our range of products created during our 25 years of experience include:

  • Herbal medications
  • Dietary supplements
  • Cosmetic products

In our wide range of products, there is a product of choice for all ages and are perfect for people who follow the global trend of using all natural products.

Strongly believing in the incredible power of propolis and apian products, we specialized in this direction, being certain that the trust of our clients will never be betrayed. Our firm position in the market is secured by the fact that during our production process we are always guided by our motto: “Best quality and nothing less”.

Through organizing educational trainings for the apiculturists and apiculturist associations, from which we purchase our raw material – the raw propolis, we try to improve the quality and quantity of production on all levels. This is the reason why we are constantly researching and monitoring innovations in apiculture.

Throughout all these years of development and improvement, we have used the services of numerous qualified people from the pharmaceutical, medical, veterinarian and technological field and we are truly grateful for their collaboration.

The biggest conformation for our hard work and dedication are the positive comments we get from our respected customers. They are our driving force for the direction and the development politics we will aim at in the future.

We also started with development in the field of apiculture and we revitalized our own apiculture farm increasing our range of products, initially the honey, whose guarantee for quality will be represented by the brand and the logo of APIMELL Dr.Bacheff.

We are open for questions and suggestions.