Proangy Spray

Proangy is a bio­complex composed of plant substances with antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties.


EFFECTS: The antibacterial action of Proangy is directed towards 74 strains of 19 different pathogenic and nonpathogenic bacterial species (20 strains of staphylococcus (including the strains resistant to methicillin, ampicillin, gentamicin, lincomycin, cloxacillin), 10 strains of Streptococcus, Enterococcus, Proteus and Myc. Tuberculosis, brucellosis.

Proangy is twice as efficient in infections caused by Gram positive bacteria. The anti-inflammatory effect of Proangy is carried by the essential oils of Red Sage and flavonoids which strengthen the capillary wall and increase the binding ability of serum proteins(especially gamma globulin) with histamine, which consequently eliminates its inflammatory properties.The flavonoids also have antioxidant properties; they preserve Vitamin C by preventing the binding of its helix to metals and they preserve the intercellular substance.

Proangy neutralizes the viruses Herpes simplex and A2 influenza as well as all pathogenic strains of Candida.

Proangy takes an active part in the immune response of the organism; it activates the complement and increases the phagocytic activity of the serum. By increasing the value of properdin in the serum, it activates the alternate pathway of the complement and at the same time increases the agglutinin count in the blood.

The essential oils have antiseptic and anti­inflammatory effects; they reduce the pain in swallowing and remove the unpleasant odour in the mouth..

Proangy does not disturb the natural flora and does not cause resistance in bacteria.

Proangy decreases the toxicity of antibiotics, which enables combinatory treatment in conditions that are more severe.

INDICATIONS: Acute and chronic diseases of the esophagus and upper respiratory pathways, herpes simplex infections, canker sore, influenza and convalescent conditions, inflammatory processes of the gums, painful erosions in the mouth.

CONTRAINDICATIONS: Proangy should not be used by individuals sensitive to its components. Hypersensitive reactions are local and alleviate when treatment is discontinued.

DOSAGE AND USAGE: up to 40 drops, 3­4 times a day before meal. Inhalation: 30 drops in hot basil tea, 2 times a day

NOTE: The product is a nutritional supplement. Not recommended for people sensitive to any of the ingredients. Supplements are not used as a substitute for a varied diet. The fabric leaves traces that are difficult to remove. It contains no artificial colors or preservatives.

  • 20% propolis in alcohol solution
  • Red Sage 0.3g.
  • Peppermint leaf 0,6g.
  • Fennel fruit 0.5g.
  • Eucalyptus 0.1g.
  • Menthol 0.3g
  • Diluted Alcohol
Keep in dry and cool place up to 25 ° C, protected from daylight. Keep out of reach of children!
4Expire date
5 years
20ml spray in glass bottle/carton box