When we put our health in nature’s hands, we actually put our health in our best friend’s hands. Nature always has the knowledge and power to help us and we always believe in her ability to cure us. We take the best and the most healing products nature gives us to create products with a formula that says: allnatural.
Nature approved products!

ROSACEASE is a cosmetic product that contains natural active substances.

ROSACEASE is a simple and effective therapy for rosacea and perioral dermatitis. The first results are visible after only one week of using the product, when the symptoms begin to decline drastically. Only two months after the first use, the changes of the face disappear completely. The effectiveness of RosacEase is proved by the medical tests which showed that over the next 12 months, the changes on the face do not reappear.

APIMELL DR.BACHEFF is a Macedonian pharmaceutical company specialized in producing all natural products made of propolis and ethereal oils. In our wide range of products, there is a product of choice for all ages and are perfect for people who follow the global trend of using all natural products.

Здравјето е нашето најголемо богатство. Инвестицијата во доброто здравје која го следи природниот пат е клучот за долговечноста.